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·         Courses Available at Mahesh Tutorials Nashik

·         Standards 9th and 10th English and Semi-English Medium for

·         Maharashtra State Board

·         Standards 9th and 10th for CBSE

·         Standards 9th and 10th for ICSE

·         Standards 9th and 10th for Gujarat State Board

·         Standards 9th and 10th Foundation Course

  • ·         For over two decades, Mahesh Tutorials has been mentoring students for success, in academics and in life. Today, hundreds of experienced, highly qualified and trained teachers use Technology Aided Teaching techniques, result-oriented methodologies and a personalised guidance approach to bring out the best in students and achieve outstanding results. The structured programme grooms students to think like winners. Mahesh Tutorials designs the course keeping in mind the requirements of the students appearing for their first critical board exam. The course intends to build from basic to advanced levels of coaching through conceptual clarity. Teachers emphasize on experiential learning through Technology Aided Teaching to enhance the retention of students and make the learning curve interesting.

    Teaching Methodology

    At Mahesh Tutorials, teachers adopt flipped classroom teaching, using a learning management system. This methodology ensures better comprehension, higher retention and application of concepts. All students are provided tablets to view recorded lectures of modules as per the time table circulated by the teacher and answer MCQs at their home. The teacher then covers the same topic in class, thus ensuring a higher level of interaction and knowledge flow. At the end of each class, the teacher releases one or more MCQs through the teacher app to the students. This results in better retention. Teachers monitor all student activity and performance on the Learning Management System, enabling a more personalized learning.


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